Eventex is the annual event, where experts from the industry meet. During the Award Show and the Eventex Congres, all that's good and innovative in the field of meetings and events is showcased.

Jan-Jaap took it upon him to make Eventex 2016 an experience to remember, by moderating on-stage and by helping the meeting-owner build a briliant meeting design.
Adressing the body, mind and soul of the participants, Jan-Jaap designed a fully moderated schedule, to have the delegates experience a wide variety of engagement and interaction formats. 

Over the day, human2human interaction was combined with engagement by leading event-technology. The seating at the Sofia Event Centre changed constantly, to intuitively match the groupdynamics, that evolved from plenary to small work-groups. Participants were challenged by organically changing formats, all from 'old fashioned' speakers, via innovative approaches to Q&A to story-telling sessions.