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Microsoft, Symantec and HP Conferences

Microsoft, Symantec and HP Conferences


Roy Sheppard Roy Sheppard


Roy seems to have a particular affinity with technology companies and technology. He ‘gets it’.
For example, with 25 speakers and panelists at a one-day technology conference at Microsoft’s UK headquarters, Roy’s secondary role was to introduce each speaker and each panelist, but his primary role was to conduct detailed technology discussions without ANY client briefing, or having seen the presentations beforehand. All discussions were then conducted without any script whatsoever. Roy’s ability to think on his feet and bring such topics alive is very well-known in the technology sector.

With the same 'ease', Roy moderated the HP Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) NonStop Customer Council: a gathering of C-level executives of the most important HP NonStop EMEA customers, where Roy was the facilitator for this 2-day meeting.
And he performed as the conference moderator for Symantec's EMEA User conference. With over 1,600 attendees, Roy co-ordinated the interaction between various levels of speakers from CEO (John Thompson), keynote sessions (Senior Vice President, Marketing Directors and Chief Information officers) ensuring that each attendee had the opportunity to realise maximum benefit from the event.