Meet Lars Sorensen: engagement, energy, experience

22 mei 2015
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Every once in a while, we put one of our moderators in the spotlight. This time we’d like you to meet Lars Sorensen, a typical representative of what we like to call ‘The Dutch School’. Lars is all about creating Engagement, Energy and an Experience. He loves international crowds, playing around and going to Indian weddings.

lars zwart wit

Lars Sorensen is a frequently booked international moderator, loved and appreciated by meeting owners and participants alike. He typifies the Dutch approach to work: fast-paced and cheerful, while displaying his open-minded nature.

“Working internationally”, Sorensen says, “is a great challenge. On the one hand there are different cultures, demanding a carefully executed ‘moderation design’, whereas, on the other hand, all participants are driven by the same goals: the need to be seen, heard and acknowledged. I’m convinced meetings and events make the world a better place, and I feel especially blessed that I am allowed to be instrumental in that process”.

Friends for life
Lars has the unique talent of becoming ‘friends for life’ within a matter of seconds and lasting a lifetime owing to his amiable nature. Participants instantly feel his genuine attention to their hopes and dreams, aimed at connecting people and making new things happen.
Just as dedicated as Lars is to the happiness of the delegates, he is to helping his clients succeed in reaching their objectives. He will – quite literally – not rest until everything is perfect. Lars can’t stop for a second, coming up with ideas to raise the level of the meeting design constantly.
A meeting owner who can bear witness to the electrifying inspiration Lars brings, is Rahul Bhatia from the Science and Information Organization: “Lars is an extremely effective and entertaining moderator, who does not let his ego get in the way of delivering results; Lars has a natural talent for boosting networking, and performs his job with a personal touch”.


The Science and Information Conference is the annual premier venue where researchers, industry practitioners and professionals share their innovative ideas, original research results and their experiences in practical development.
Moderator Lars Sorensen is the catalyst, making sure participants from all around the globe interact, share and learn. He facilitates Q&A’s, hosts all plenary sessions, stimulates networking, designs formats to make people engage & interact ánd does online interviews … simultaneously!
“Our event was a tough event”, Bhatia says, “In the sense that the audience was from all over the world. And the great thing about Lars was that he made everyone so comfortable, that they came out of their shells and interacted well”.
Recently, Lars was a guest at Rahul’s wedding. This again demonstrates the way Lars Sorensen always takes the personal relationship and full dedication as the basis.


Are you interested in booking Lars Sorensen (or one of our other international moderators)? Give us a call at +316 46113994 or send us an email:

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