Survey explains Mastering Moderation’s popularity: “I would do the same workshop again, in a heartbeat”.

19 februari 2016
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Kim Coppes and Jan-Jaap In der Maur trained almost 200 people in their workshop Mastering Moderation. A survey reflecting on the two years of training so far, shows staggering results: participants rate the workshop with a NetPromoterScore of 80! Or as one of the alumni phrases it: “I would do the same workshop again, in a heartbeat”.

LM groep lacht Kim

Moderation is hot. More people – not all of them being professional, full time moderators – find themselves having to moderate sessions. That’s why Kim Coppes and Jan-Jaap In der Maur started a professional moderation-workshop, allowing all to learn and apply the basics of effective moderation.
From the first edition up till today, almost every workshop is completely sold out. Participants of incompany trainings and open workshops are happy every single time. An Alumni stated: “I have never learned so much in two days”.

NPS score 80

A recent survey revealed the relevance, quality and effectiveness of the workshop. Not only did it score an extraordinairy NPS of 80, also over 70% of the participant rated the training with a nine or even a perfect 10, while 7 was the lowest score.
Participants value the high amount of practise and personal attention. They called the workshop original, playful, engaging, effective, direct applicable, memorable and even ‘a profound experience, that changed me in my personal and professional life’.

LM JJ gesticuleert

On the impact of the workshop, the delegates judged it to be on average 4.3 out of 5 on several elements, leading to testimonials like: ‘The feedback was honest and instant. There were so many skills, you can apply straight away”.
Many of the participants called it the best training experience ever. ‘And I’ve had a lot!’, says one. The vast majority indicated having learned new things, having improved their moderation skills significantly and having been able to implement the learnings. A happy attendee found: ‘this course is still resonating with me, and I’m using skills learned everyday’.

LM Kim lacht

Perfect trainers: 64%
The quality of trainers Jan-Jaap In der Maur and Kim Coppes proved to be an important ingredient in the effectiveness of the training. No less than 64% gave Kim and Jan-Jaap a perfect 5 out of 5, leaving 36% not any lower than 4 out of 5.
The participants spoke highly of their passion, creativity, personal attention, engagement and fun. The most special quotes were: “training isn’t a skill, it’s a state of being. The trainers were not training, they were helping’.

LM deelnemer in actie

Succes explained

After being overwhelmed by the succes at first, Kim and Jan-Jaap now have a good idea on the reasons: “Meetings are changing, for one: from speaker oriented to engaging, interactive and crowd-based. But as a whole, our society is changing, from top-down to bottom-up, to a more cooperative one. And that means that in every part of society, there’s more to be discussed. And that means that civil servants, employees of large organisations, well almost everyone finds himself moderating more often. Dialogue, we feel, is the basis of the next generations. And moderation is the basis of succesful dialogue”.


Jan-Jaap In der Maur