Awards-time: two down, one to go

3 februari 2017
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It has become harder and harder not to brag, over the past few weeks. The Westland Cheese project we did (in cooperation with MindMeeting) got nominated and awarded, all over the world. We feel proud and happy! And we hope you’ll forgive us, if we give a quick overview of all the positive attention we received for this great project.


First, we got nominated in the category Meeting Design at the European Best Event Awards. In the end we were awarded the Bronze Medal. Winning this, against a heavy competition by the best agencies in the world, was very special to us; especially, since moderation played such a big part in this project, showing the world the importance of our trade :-)



Then, it was on to Eventex. Yet another great competition, very much foscussing on disruptive, effective meeting formats. We were nominated in the category Best Conference and yet again, we brought home a Bronze Medal!

Eventex-2017-Best-Conference-3 (1)

Our Owner-moderator Hans Etman moderated the conference, ont he two days right after the award (that had nothing to do with us winning a medal … cross our hearts). He helped design a dynamic and disruptive programma, and received positive feedback on his performance.

Golden Giraffe

And now, we will concentrate on our homebase, Holland. We entered the Golden Giraffe competition and got nominated again; in the category ‘Best Internal Event’, this time. We knew all nominees would be informed personally. last friday. So we found ourselves watching the live-posts on Facebook all day long, hoping …. It was late in the afternoon, that the doorbell rang at the house of our Founder-Moderator Jan-Jaap In der Maur. Watch this to see what happened.
The award show is on february 10. We’ll keep you posted.

If you want to know all about this very succesful project, take a look here.