Awards-time: two down, one to go

3 februari 2017
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It has become harder and harder not to brag, over the past few weeks. The Westland Cheese project we did (in cooperation with MindMeeting) got nominated and awarded, all over the world. We feel proud and happy! And we hope you’ll forgive us, if we give a quick overview of all the positive attention we received for this great project.


First, we got nominated in the category Meeting Design at the European Best Event Awards. In the end we were awarded the Bronze Medal. Winning this, against a heavy competition by the best agencies in the world, was very special to us; especially, since moderation played such a big part in this project, showing the world the importance of our trade :-)



Then, it was on to Eventex. Yet another great competition, very much foscussing on disruptive, effective meeting formats. We were nominated in the category Best Conference and yet again, we brought home a Bronze Medal!

Eventex-2017-Best-Conference-3 (1)

Our Owner-moderator Hans Etman moderated the conference, ont he two days right after the award (that had nothing to do with us winning a medal … cross our hearts). He helped design a dynamic and disruptive programma, and received positive feedback on his performance.

Golden Giraffe

And now, we will concentrate on our homebase, Holland. We entered the Golden Giraffe competition and got nominated again; in the category ‘Best Internal Event’, this time. We knew all nominees would be informed personally. last friday. So we found ourselves watching the live-posts on Facebook all day long, hoping …. It was late in the afternoon, that the doorbell rang at the house of our Founder-Moderator Jan-Jaap In der Maur. Watch this to see what happened.
The award show is on february 10. We’ll keep you posted.

If you want to know all about this very succesful project, take a look here.

Eubea nomination: Moderation and Meeting Design go hand-in-hand

26 september 2016
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We are truly proud to be on the shortlist for the European Best Event Awards.Our nomination in the category Meeting Design shows the importance of the seamless integration of moderation and meeting design.
In this project, our client Westland Cheese, meeting design agency MindMeetingand Masters in Moderation cooperated like Siamese triplets. The well-coordinated efforts of all three parties were the main element in creating the success of the bi-annual Westland Family Congress: in our view, only a perfect combinationof objectives, meeting design and moderation will produce real ROI

Eubea 2016

We had the best family congress ever, says Desiree Westland, one of the members of the congress committee. And in the process whe had so much fun!
Every two years, the Westland family organizes a congress: family shareholders gather to face the specific challenges of a family-run business. After two in their own words average editions, for 2016 they wanted something special and really effective.
In charge of this years family event was the youngest generation of shareholders. Initially, they asked Masters in Moderation only to provide a moderator. But their openness to any suggestion was the start of a unique cooperation.


Our first meeting was a ball: the family was full of wild, creative ideas. We loved it (and them). Nevertheless, for the time being, we asked them to forget about themes, formats and so on. We convinced them into formulating clear objectives first.
So the moderation started way before the actual event – as it should be. Working with the Event ROI Institutes methodology, we discussed in depth, what the congress committee wanted as the ROI of this meeting,
As part of the process, we individually interviewed a carefully selected group of average family representatives. It helped us to move from assuming, to actually knowing what the family wanted and (dis)liked.
This probably was the bravest of all steps the congress committee took. And a vital step it was in creating the right programme!

WP_20160409_11_50_57_Rich__highres WP_20160409_09_50_14_Pro__highres


The next important decision of this brave bunch of clients, was to allocate a major part of their budget to the design stage. So far, the family was used to start their preparations by booking a 5 star venue & hotel with top-quality food.
In this case they did not book a venue until the requirements were absolutely clear. We first defined what environment would help the moderation of the meeting design most, and only then booked De Kapellerput. Which by the way turned out to be the best venue ever: they really understood the programme design and went out of their way to help us do a perfect moderation!


Once the objectives were clear, we were ready to start designing. As a moderator, meeting design is a natural part of your profession: you know from experience what works, so you are well equipped to advise the meeting owner.
At the same time, you need to know the limits of your skills. So in this case, we decided to bring in a sound dose of specific meeting design power. And because we wanted the best, we cooperated with MindMeetings Mike van der Vijver; ranked among the worlds best meeting designers.
And so the Siamese twins became triplets: the Westland family added their insider knowledge and enthusiasm, Masters in Moderation added their content & concept power and MindMeeting offered their immense creativity and sound methodology.

In two meetings, Mike van der Vijver guided us through a brilliant process. The family turned out to be very perceptive to his method of brainstorming and moulding of the programme. In the end it was Mathias Westland, who said: it feels like we are organising a first day in primary school and thus the experience concept was born!
Having obtained the necessary input on objectives, experience and content, Mike started designing. And moderators as we are, Masters in Moderation helped him, by being a sparring partner. Mike said about the process: It is rare for a client to have the courage and the commitment to get the design process right. The congress committee evidently trusted Masters in Moderation so much that they were incredibly easy to work with.

WP_20160409_12_47_37_Rich__highres WP_20160409_12_43_14_Rich__highres


The execution phase was one of true co-creation. The family did the better part of the actual meeting planning: they found the ideal venue and decorated it to perfection, in line with the desired experience.
On top of that, one of the nieces graphically designed the family-game that was to be played as the main part of the programme (only after the participants had decided on the rules and the challenges to be included in the game) and a be-my-friend-booklet for everyone.
Masters in Moderation set out to find the perfect moderator. Kim Coppes was perfectly typecast in her role as schoolteacher-facilitator. And the class loved her! She truly understood the meeting design and the need of the participants. About the meeting, Kim said: The format supported the content and objectives perfectly. It was designed with lots of love: imaginative and effective into every detail, and therefor a joy to moderate.


In order to bring true ROI, great meetings need full integration of clear objectives, great meeting design and brilliant moderation. This project shows without a shadow of doubt, that this is the case for every event; even smaller ones with modest budgets. Or, as Desiree Westland put it: There was a new surprise every step of the way. And every one turned out to be more effective then we could ever hope for. This project was special in every detail. We were so proud to be the meeting owners of this one.

We can only hope that the Eubea jury will see the sweeping value in this and award us the trophy.

Jan-Jaap In der Maur

Survey explains Mastering Moderation’s popularity: “I would do the same workshop again, in a heartbeat”.

19 februari 2016
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Kim Coppes and Jan-Jaap In der Maur trained almost 200 people in their workshop Mastering Moderation. A survey reflecting on the two years of training so far, shows staggering results: participants rate the workshop with a NetPromoterScore of 80! Or as one of the alumni phrases it: “I would do the same workshop again, in a heartbeat”.

LM groep lacht Kim

Moderation is hot. More people – not all of them being professional, full time moderators – find themselves having to moderate sessions. That’s why Kim Coppes and Jan-Jaap In der Maur started a professional moderation-workshop, allowing all to learn and apply the basics of effective moderation.
From the first edition up till today, almost every workshop is completely sold out. Participants of incompany trainings and open workshops are happy every single time. An Alumni stated: “I have never learned so much in two days”.

NPS score 80

A recent survey revealed the relevance, quality and effectiveness of the workshop. Not only did it score an extraordinairy NPS of 80, also over 70% of the participant rated the training with a nine or even a perfect 10, while 7 was the lowest score.
Participants value the high amount of practise and personal attention. They called the workshop original, playful, engaging, effective, direct applicable, memorable and even ‘a profound experience, that changed me in my personal and professional life’.

LM JJ gesticuleert

On the impact of the workshop, the delegates judged it to be on average 4.3 out of 5 on several elements, leading to testimonials like: ‘The feedback was honest and instant. There were so many skills, you can apply straight away”.
Many of the participants called it the best training experience ever. ‘And I’ve had a lot!’, says one. The vast majority indicated having learned new things, having improved their moderation skills significantly and having been able to implement the learnings. A happy attendee found: ‘this course is still resonating with me, and I’m using skills learned everyday’.

LM Kim lacht

Perfect trainers: 64%
The quality of trainers Jan-Jaap In der Maur and Kim Coppes proved to be an important ingredient in the effectiveness of the training. No less than 64% gave Kim and Jan-Jaap a perfect 5 out of 5, leaving 36% not any lower than 4 out of 5.
The participants spoke highly of their passion, creativity, personal attention, engagement and fun. The most special quotes were: “training isn’t a skill, it’s a state of being. The trainers were not training, they were helping’.

LM deelnemer in actie

Succes explained

After being overwhelmed by the succes at first, Kim and Jan-Jaap now have a good idea on the reasons: “Meetings are changing, for one: from speaker oriented to engaging, interactive and crowd-based. But as a whole, our society is changing, from top-down to bottom-up, to a more cooperative one. And that means that in every part of society, there’s more to be discussed. And that means that civil servants, employees of large organisations, well almost everyone finds himself moderating more often. Dialogue, we feel, is the basis of the next generations. And moderation is the basis of succesful dialogue”.


Jan-Jaap In der Maur

Agent provocateur or cooperative connector

22 mei 2015
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Recently, Masters in Moderation was featured in the IMEX-edition of Meeting Magazine. The editorial paints a picture of our vision on the art and value of moderation.

Our CEO’s Hans Etman and Jan-Jaap In der Maur are quoted: “Choosing exactly the right moderator-facilitator for each occasion makes meetings and events more effective, more fun and definitely more worthwhile”. Furthermore our moderators Lars Sorensen, Gerrit Heijkoop and Otto Wijnen are presented.

Wanna know more? Read the full story: Masters in Moderation Meeting Magazine IMEX15.


Meet Roy Sheppard: your cheapest insurance

23 april 2015
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Masters in Moderation is delighted to announce that we have been joined by British master moderator Roy Sheppard. Roy is highly respected within the global conference industry as one of the most experienced conference moderators in the world.


360,000 speakers receive Toastmasters magazine each month. In this month’s edition, they have included a three page profile on Roy’s work as a moderator. It is a great way of getting to know him: Roy Sheppard MiM-Toastmasters.

If you’d like to check Roy’s availability for your next conference or meeting, please get in touch with Masters in Moderation at  or +31 6 46 113 994